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Z Bucket Elevator

Z shape bucket elevator is the universally lifting conveying equipment. It is mainly made up of Movement part (bucket and traction belt or chain), Upper part with Transmission Drum, Down parts with Tension Drum, Middle Cabinet, Drive Device, and so on.

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1.The elevator and electronic metering scale shall be used together, the control circuit is used to control the position of the material, realizing automatic feeding and stopping function.
2.The elevator is made of stainless steel.
3.The bucket can use ABS or stainless steel materials.
4.The bucket elevators allow for controlled discharge at one or more locations and can easily interface with various types of feeding devices.
5.Electromagnetic vibration feeder feed material is possible.
6.Multiple discharges can be pneumatically controlled.
7.Vertical lifting can save floor space, and power loss is small, because the accumulation of material in the bucket, has been in a relatively static state during transport, it is not caused by transport damage.
8.Conveying height up to 20 meters.
9.According to the requirements of users (different materials, delivery capacity, delivery height) for the design and production.


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Cereals / Nuts / Pet food / Snack foods / Confections / Pasta / Coffee / Fresh & frozen vegetables / Frozen fish & poultry / Tablets / Capsules / Bottle caps / Fasteners / Coins / Ammunition / Explosives / Palletized chemicals / Carbon black / Hardware products / Granules etc.

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Item DY-2L DY-5L DY-7L
Bucket Volume 2L 5L 7L
Production Capacity 1-6m³/h 1-12m³/h 1-15m³/h
Bucket Material ABS, Stainless steel 304 or Carbon Steel
Bucket Working Speed 9-11m/min (adjustable)
Machine frame material Full stainless steel 304 or paint carbon steel
Outlet height ≤20m (could be customized by your request)
Input and Outlet quantity Could be customized at your request
Motor power 0.75-7.5kw (according to the bucket model)

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