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Will The Installation Method of The Vibrating Screen Affect The Penetration Rate


There are many factors that affect the penetration of the material. From the material itself, there are high or low water content, good fluidity, the shape of the material particles, and the particle distribution. Generally speaking, materials with low water content (referring to water content within a certain range), good fluidity, regular particle shape, and smooth edges without corners are easier to screen. In terms of screening equipment, its structure, vibration frequency and amplitude, screen structure and effective screening area are the main factors affecting screening efficiency.

For difficult-to-screen materials and fine materials (or to improve screening efficiency), we can appropriately increase the vibration inclination angle and reduce the downward inclination angle of the screen (both methods can slow down the running speed of the material), circular vibrating screen The rotation direction of the vibrator can be adjusted (rotating against the flow of the material) to extend the contact time between the material and the screen surface to facilitate the screen, but the processing volume will be relatively reduced. For large particles and easy-to-screen materials, the vibration inclination angle can be reduced and the downward inclination angle of the screen surface can be increased to increase the flow speed of the material to increase the output.

This is the special feature of the screening machine. It not only needs to achieve a certain processing capacity, but also has screening efficiency. The two are contradictory unity. A vibrating screen that does not consider the screening efficiency is no different from a conveyor and is meaningless. We should appropriately select the processing capacity and screening efficiency in a scientific manner based on the actual situation and existing conditions, so as to meet the user’s requirements as much as possible.

Considering that the material under the sieve is mixed with materials larger than the mesh size, sometimes it is necessary to use the concept of total sieving efficiency. The width of the screen directly affects the output of the vibrating screen, and the effective screening area also has an indirect effect on the output of the vibrating screen.

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