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Which Screening Machine Should I Use For Screening Chinese Herbal Medicines


There are many medicinal materials in our country, including lumps, lumps, granules, and powders. They are often screened during the production and processing of various Chinese medicinal materials. So, let’s take a look at which screening machine should be used for screening Chinese herbal medicines?

For granular and powder medicinal materials, rotary vibrating screens are generally used for screening. Small vibrating screens can also be made of 304 stainless steel. The screening is accurate and safe. For granular and powdered medicinal materials, the screening grade of the rotary vibrating sieve can reach up to 6 grades, with models ranging from diameter 400 to diameter 2000, and the output can also meet the requirements of various customers.

For flake and block medicinal materials, the trommel screen is generally better. The trommel screen has a better screening effect on materials with large particle sizes. The contact area is relatively large, the output is relatively large, and the damage to the materials is small. It can meet the screening needs of users of various medicinal materials.

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