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Which aspects should be paid attention to in the normal use of the slurry rotary vibrating screen?


The slurry rotary vibrating screen is a sieving and filtering device used for solid-liquid separation. The purpose is to separate the solid and water in the liquid relatively simply for the next step of liquid precipitation and solid drying. Rotary vibrating screens are used in many liquid industries, such as juice, starch milk, soy milk, paper pulp, calcium carbonate and so on.

The use of slurry rotary vibrating screen is different from the environment of powder screening, and the material requirements for rotary vibrating screen equipment are also relatively high. Normally, 304 stainless steel plates are used. The protection level requirements of the motor are also relatively high, at least to meet the protection requirements of IP55. So what aspects of the slurry rotary vibrating screen should be paid attention to in normal use, so that the equipment can be used well and the loss can be reduced? It boils down to the following points:

1. The motor line source has leakage protection. Prevent wire breakage and contact between electricity and liquid when the working environment is chaotic.
2. Flush the body of the rotary vibrating screen during each shift to avoid clogging of the screen by viscous slurry.
3. Regularly check the sealing rubber gasket of the rotary vibrating screen, and replace it with a new vibrating screen rubber ring if it is damaged to avoid leakage of liquid slurry.
4. Regularly check whether the screen is damaged due to pipe feeding. If the screen is cracked, replace it with a new screen in time to avoid affecting product quality.

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