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What Vibrating Sieve Is Suitable for Sifting Bread Flour


Bread flour is a kind of food material. Generally speaking, the food industry has very strict requirements on hygiene. What kind of sieving machine can be used for sieving bread flour? The answer is all stainless steel rotary vibrating sieve.

How does the rotary vibrating sieve sieve bread flour?
The all-stainless steel vibrating screen converts the rotating motion of the motor into a vertical and inclined three-dimensional motion through the eccentric weights installed at the upper and lower ends of the vibrating motor, and then transmits this motion to the screen surface, which is smaller than the diameter of the screen surface in the process. The bread flour falls through the sieve holes to the lower layer of the sieve surface to become under the sieve. The bread flour materials larger than the aperture of the sieve surface are discharged from the discharge port after continuous jumping motion, thereby completing the entire screening process.

Advantages of sieving bread flour with stainless steel vibrating screen:
The all-stainless steel vibrating screen can screen bread flour materials with specifications of 0.028mm-5mm, and can be installed with 5 layers of screens to screen out six kinds of bread flours of different specifications at one time, and the impurities will be automatically screened out. There are many fine specifications for discharge and sieving.

The whole stainless steel vibrating screen adopts a fully enclosed structure, which effectively avoids the spillage and leakage of bread flour during the screening process, and reduces the pollution caused to the screening working environment. At the same time, the all stainless steel screen machine is polished inside and outside. The surface is smooth and free of burrs, and the welding place is also polished. The parts are made of silica gel, which is in full compliance with the national standards for the food industry.

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