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What Type of Vibrating Screen Is Used for Powder Screening


Handling powder mixtures of different specifications is a common problem in the chemical industry. There are so many types of vibrating screens. Which type of vibrating screen should be used to process this powder? The editor sorted out some situations for your reference based on different situations.
First of all, to determine the model of the vibrating screen needs to be determined according to some characteristics of the material, including specific gravity, some physical properties and output. Therefore, which vibrating screen to use requires a clear understanding of some characteristics of the material.
Secondly, it should be determined according to the fineness degree of sieving of the material. For example, if the powder to be sieved is below 200 mesh, ordinary rotary vibrating screens can meet their needs. The specific rotary vibrating screen model should be based on the output of material screening. if the accuracy of sieving powder is 200-500 mesh, the use of ordinary rotary vibrating screens for fine and light powders cannot meet their screening requirements well. The material is too light and has a longer contact time with the screen Short, the material cannot be sieved clean. In this case, it is recommended to add an ultrasonic generating device on the basis of the rotary vibrating screen, so that the material is constantly subjected to a knocking force on the screen surface, and the fine material can pass through the screen, complete the screening process and achieves the screening accuracy.
Finally, the type of vibrating screen used for sieving powder should be based on whether there are special requirements for material sieving, such as the heightening of the feed inlet, the need for adding iron separators and so on. No matter what type of screening equipment is used, as long as it can screen the powder cleanly and meet the production needs of customers. Of course, the choice of equipment depends on whether the customer’s site matches the vibrating screen.
Xinxiang Dayong vibrating screen manufacturers can choose free models and test machines for customers. Clients who have vibrating screen needs, can come here and we can help you solve the problem of screening.

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