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What kind of sieving machine is suitable for sieving soy protein powder?


Usually,food manufacturers need to go through 60 mesh, 80 mesh, 100 mesh, and screen the protein powder larger than the specified mesh. It is worth noting that because protein powder is food, it needs to be contacted when using linear vibrating screen equipment. The material parts are made of 304L stainless steel. After this soy protein powder enters the stainless steel linear vibrating screen, it is moved forward in a straight leaping style on the screen surface due to the action of double vibration motors. There is a gap between the particle size of the material and the mesh. The material smaller than the mesh falls into the bottom screen and is discharged in the lower discharge port, while the upper material larger than the screen mesh remains on the screen surface and is sieved and discharged at the discharge port, thus completing the soybean meal The entire screening process.
It should be noted that: 1. Soy protein powder is a powder material, so the upper dust cover must be provided. If you need to observe the screening of the material during the screening process, you can open an observation port at the upper dust cover to facilitate Observe the running condition of the protein powder on the sieve surface.
2. In order to prevent the materials from polluting materials during the screening process, stainless steel materials of 304L or more are required to ensure that the products are not contaminated during the screening process.
3. The vibrating linear screen needs to be checked regularly for damage. The damage of the screen directly affects the screening accuracy of the material, so the use of the screen should be checked frequently. Soy protein powder linear sieve can choose different sizes and models of machines to meet production requirements according to the screening output of customers.

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