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What Is The Problem That The Linear Screen Does Not Move Forward


The reason why the linear vibrating screen does not run out:
1. Vibration motor steering / insufficient excitation force of vibration motor:
When using a linear screen, two horizontal vibration motors are used as vibrating screens. The rotation of the motors is divided into forward and reverse rotation. Under normal circumstances, the rotation of the two motors is in opposite directions, but if the user connects the power to the positive and negative The wrong pole connection will cause the motor to rotate in the same direction, and the problem of the screen surface material will not run out;

2. The problem of motor installation position:
There are three installation positions of the linear screen vibrating motor: bottom, two sides, and top. If the vibrating motor is installed close to the feed inlet, the screen surface will run for a certain distance, and the speed will decrease and stay on the screen surface;
3. The height of the discharge port higher than the screen surface:
When designing a linear screen, if the discharge port is higher than the screen surface, the problem of material stagnation on the screen surface will occur during the production process.

4. The screen surface of the screen is not tensioned or damaged
The tension of the screen and the flatness of the screen surface directly determine whether the force of the material is uniform and the speed of feeding and feeding. In the process of long-term use, due to the impact of the material or the wrong feeding method, the screen surface will be loose or damaged. This is usually the culprit that causes the linear vibration screening machine to not move; replace the screen If the net is not tensioned and then fixed, it will also cause the problem of slow feeding.

5. The screen box is not installed horizontally
The screen box of the small linear vibrating screen is the placement frame of the screen and the grid. Its level directly affects whether the screen and the grid are level. If the screen box cannot be installed horizontally and horizontally, it will cause The inclination of the screen surface causes deviations in the force of the material, which makes it impossible to flow in a straight line according to the schedule.

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