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What Is The Angle of The Shaftless Screw Conveyor


When the shaftless screw conveyor conveys sludge and other materials with a certain viscosity, the sludge basically contains some other types of debris and stone-like stones. If you use a common type of screw conveyor, it is easy to damage the spiral blades. Or debris is wound on the spiral shaft, which affects the later use of the equipment.

The inclination angle of the screw conveyor has an impact on the productivity and power consumption of the screw conveyor. The conveying capacity of the screw conveyor will rapidly decrease with the increase of the inclination angle. At the same time, the inclination angle of the screw conveyor will also affect the material. The conveying effect.

The maximum inclination angle of the shaftless screw conveyor is 30°. What is the conveying volume per hour (that is, how many cubic meters are conveyed per hour, depending on the specific gravity of the material, what is the effective conveying length you need to provide (the distance from the discharge port to the feed port or special space requirements), tilt What is the angle?

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