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What Are The Specific Characteristics of The Tubular Screw Conveyor


Tubular screw conveyor is a continuous conveying device that uses screw rotation to move materials, and is an updated product of screw shaft conveyor. This product has made great improvements to the structure of the intermediate suspension bearing and the material of the bearing. Chilled cast iron is used as the main material of the hanging bearing, and the chilled iron has good wear resistance. Generally, the tubular screw conveyor does not need lubrication, and the working temperature can reach 260°C.

The tubular screw conveyor is suitable for conveying flour, cereals, cement, fertilizer, ash, sand, stones, coal powder, small coal and other materials. Due to the small effective circulation area in the machine body, the screw conveyor is not suitable for conveying materials that are perishable, too viscous, and easy to agglomerate.
The main features of the tubular screw conveyor are reflected in the following aspects:
1. Large carrying capacity, safe and reliable.
2. Strong adaptability, convenient installation and maintenance, and long life.
3. The whole machine is small in size and high in speed, ensuring fast and uniform delivery.
4. The discharge end is equipped with a cleaning device, the whole machine has low noise, strong adaptability, and flexible layout of the inlet and outlet positions.
5. Good airtightness, the outer shell is made of seamless steel pipes, and the ends are connected by flanges to form a whole, with good rigidity.
The tube chain conveyor is a continuous conveying equipment for conveying bulk materials such as powder, small particles, and small blocks. The tube chain conveyor is a fully enclosed conveying, no dust spills, and there is no need to install a dust collector at the outlet. It can be filled with gas when conveying materials.

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