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What are the reasons for the breakage of the screen frame of the linear screen?


In the process of using the linear screen, it brings a lot of convenience to our work, but sometimes it also causes a series of problems due to people’s operating errors or the equipment itself, which affects its normal use. Let’s take a look at the reasons why the screen frame is prone to breakage.
1. The thickness of the screen frame plate
Some manufacturers will choose some thinner materials when making, so that it will be easy to break during use, which will affect its normal use.
2. The welding is not firm
When the screen frame is not firmly welded, it is easy to break during use, so the equipment will not run smoothly during operation, which will affect the screening effect.

3. Exciting force is too large
Although the excitation force can be adjusted, the user may adjust the force too much, which may cause a break during operation. Therefore, it needs to be adjusted appropriately, not too large.

The above is an introduction to the reasons for the fracture of the screen frame in the use of the linear screen. I hope it will be helpful to you.

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