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What are the materials of the vibrating screen seals?


The vibrating screen is environmentally friendly, mainly because it uses seals. There are many types of seals, which can be divided into: rubber material, silicone material, and polyurethane material. They should be equipped with suitable materials according to different occasions. This article introduces the types of seals for three-dimensional vibrating screens:

1. Rubber material
Rubber seals are widely used, but they are rarely used in the food and chemical industries, because the rubber itself has certain pollution components to the material, and the rubber is easy to fall off during screening, which will seriously affect the quality of the material, but its price Low and strong wear resistance, users should install suitable seals according to the different requirements of materials when purchasing a vibrating screen.

2. Polyurethane material
Polyurethane materials are usually used in mine screens and feeder linings. Rotary vibrating screens are rarely used as seals to prevent dust. However, seals made of polyurethane materials are also more common in mining environments. Polyurethane is more Silicone and rubber materials are more wear-resistant, but the hardness is higher.

3. Silicone material
The color is milky white, and its softness is good, so it has good dust-proof effect in the sealing material, and has good dust-proof effect for screening starch and mud powder in high-polluting environments. Dahan manufacturers recommend that users should try their best when choosing a vibrating screen. Choosing silica gel material as the best choice for dust prevention, although the cost is higher, the actual value is much higher than the other two materials (especially in the food and pharmaceutical industries).

Summary: Under normal circumstances, the material of silicone is better than that of rubber. The main advantages of silicone are strong abrasion resistance and good elasticity. It is widely used in the food industry, while rubber seals are low in cost and easier to accept by users.

Regardless of the material of the seal, it is only good to choose the one that is suitable for your own production. Please be sure to provide detailed parameters when we purchase. If you have any questions when choosing a vibrating screen, please contact us.

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