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What Are The Advantages of Using Wooden Grids for Linear Vibrating Screens


Wooden frame grids are widely used, and the wood materials are divided into three common types: poplar, red pine, and white pine. Based on long-term field experience, it is recommended that you choose poplar. Its advantages: wooden grid frame, wooden linear screen, low cost and convenient maintenance, especially convenient to change the screen, only 3-5 minutes, and good flexibility.

Advantages of screening effect: the use of wooden grids does not affect the characteristics of the materials, and does not affect the quality of the materials during the screening process. Due to the characteristics of some materials, the use of iron grids will affect the characteristics of the materials, and the use of high-quality wood for wooden grids ensures that the characteristics of the materials remain unchanged and the product quality is guaranteed.

Cost advantage: The use of wooden grids for linear screens will greatly reduce manufacturing costs. Compared with the iron frame grid, the manufacturing cost can be reduced by 10%. As far as small and medium-sized users are concerned, the saving of procurement costs is the increase of gross production value;

Maintenance advantage: The wooden grid has a great advantage in follow-up maintenance. Due to the use of high-quality wood, users can rest assured in terms of durability, and subsequent maintenance and replacement are easier. Due to the previous advantage, you can consider storing several more sets of net racks, and you can directly replace the whole set of net racks when you need to replace them, which ensures the efficiency of production.

The above are the advantages of the linear vibrating screen wooden grid. I would like to remind you that the material screened by the wooden grid is more refined powder, but it is not suitable for some large particles or corrosive materials. When purchasing a linear vibrating screen, be sure to clarify the material screened to the manufacturer so that Choose a vibrating screen that is more suitable for you.

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