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Vibration Motor

1.This product consists of a special design of the motor plus eccentric block, when the motor rotates, the eccentric block generating excitation force by a motor is transmitted to the vibrating machinery.
2.Simply adjust both ends of the outer eccentric block and eccentric block to form a certain angle so that the exciting force can be adjusted steplessly.

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1. lightweight and small size.
2. low noise.
3. fully enclosed structure, can work under any conditions of no dust explosion-protection requirements.
4. reasonable design and long service life.
5. complete models and specifications, can meet different needs vibrating purposes.

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vibration motor 7


1. Sieving equipment: linear vibrating sieve, sieve mining, coal washing sieve, sieve abrasives, chemical sieve.
2. Conveying equipment: vibration conveyor, conveyor drying vibration, vibration vertical lifting machine.
3. Feeding equipment: vibratory feeder, vibrating hopper machine, vibration mining machine, vibration filling machine.
4. Other equipment: vibration table, vibration platform.

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Model Maximum Exciting Force(N) Synchronous Speed(rpm) Power(KW) Current(A)
YZUL-3-4 3000 1500 0.18 0.6
YZUL-5-4 5000 1500 0.25 0.74
YZUL-8-4 8000 1500 0.55 1.5
YZUL-10-4 10000 1500 0.75 1.85
YZUL-15-4 15000 1500 1.1 2.85
YZUL-30-4 30000 1500 1.5 3.6
YZUL-50-4 50000 1500 2.2 5.1

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