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Vertical Screw Elevator

This vertical elevator can be adjusted by customers’ specific requirements such as conveying height and steel material.
The vertical elevator also is called another name in a different country, for example, sometimes will also name as a spiral conveyor, vibrating spiral elevator, and so on.

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1. Drying and cooling: The elevator can be added drying and cooling device, to make the materials dry and cool.
2. Grading function: This machine can be designed for grading materials according to different industries and needs, even flammable materials.
3. High conveying efficiency: The shelf backhaul doesn’t take up the working rhythm, and would not be influenced by the conveying height.
4. Multipurpose machine: This elevator can be used for all particles, lumps, and powders, only if small viscosity.

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The elevator was widely used in mining, metallurgy, machinery, building materials, chemicals, rubber, pharmaceutical, electricity, grain, and other industries.

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This vertical elevator can be adjusted by customers’ specific requirements such as higher conveying height and texture.

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Type Handling capacity(t/h) Diameter of groove(mm) Conveyor height(m) Power(KW) Dimension(mm)
DZC300 1.0 300 ≤2.0 2*0.4 680*680*2750
DZC500 2.0 500 ≤3.0 2*0.75 1080*1080*4020
DZC550 3.0 550 ≤3.5 2*1.5 1100*1100*4530
DZC600 3.0 600 ≤4.0 2*1.5 1100*1100*2150
DZC800 4.0 800 ≤4.5 2*2.2 1300*1300*5650
DZC850 4.0 850 ≤5.0 2*2.2 1400*1400*6150
DZC900 3.5 900 ≤6.0 2*3.0 1600*1600*7180

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