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Vacuum Conveyor

The ZKS vacuum feeder uses a vacuum pump to suction the air so that the inlet of the suction nozzle and the whole system are in a certain vacuum state. The powder particles are sucked into the nozzle along with the outside air to form a gas stream, which passes through the suction pipe and reaches the hopper in the hopper. Gas and material separation. The separated material enters the receiving equipment. The feeding and discharging are completed by continuously opening and closing the pneumatic three-way valve, and the opening and closing of the pneumatic three-way valve are controlled by the control center.
The vacuum feeder is equipped with a compressed air back flushing device. Each time the material is discharged, the compressed air pulse back flushing the filter, and the powder adsorbed on the surface of the filter is dropped to ensure the normal operation of the suction.

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1.Fully enclosed structure, dust-free conveying, no pollution generated
2.Simple structure, small size, maintenance-free, low noise
3.Flexibility and space-saving, move material in any direction
4. Meet GMP standard.
5.Reduce labor cost
6.Made by SUS304 or 316L to meet GMP sanitary standard
7.No tools needed to change the filters

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Application Industry

Vacuum conveyors can be widely used in the magnetic materials industry, food processing industry, plastic processing industry, lithium power industry, coatings industry, chemical industry, and pharmaceutical industry, etc.

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Model Power (kw) Capacity (kg/h)
ZKS-1 1.5 400
ZKS-2 2.2 600
ZKS-3 3 1200
ZKS-4 5.5 2500
ZKS-5 5.5 3200
ZKS-6 5.5 3200
ZKS-7 7.5 6000
ZKS-10-6 7.5 6000
ZKS-20-5 11 5000

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