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Ulltrasonic System

The ultrasonic screening system is composed of an ultrasonic power box, a transducer, and a resonance ring. The high-frequency electric oscillation generated by the ultrasonic power box is converted by the transducer into a high-frequency sinusoidal longitudinal oscillation wave. These oscillation waves are transmitted to the resonant ring to resonate the resonant ring, and then the vibration is uniformly transmitted to the screen surface by the resonant ring. The material on the screen surface is superimposed with ultrasonic vibration while passing through the three-dimensional vibrating screen, which can effectively prevent the mesh from clogging and achieve higher screening output and screening accuracy.

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Applicable machine: Rotary vibrating screen, test sieve, tumbler screen
Application material: Fine powder, micron powder, ultra-fine powder, difficult sieving materials, etc.

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Model Form
DYC-5 Internal ultrasonic system / external ultrasonic system

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