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Tube Vibratory Conveyor

Tube Vibratory Conveyors are used to convey powders, granules horizontally at a controlled rate in either an open or closed environment. Conveying action is gentle and quiet at a low velocity with no moving parts in contact with the powder, resulting in virtually no product degradation.
Tube Vibratory Conveyors can avoid generating fine powder during conveying, which is perfect for conveying fragile, instantized, and standard powders or granules. Material is conveyed down the length of a closed tube in a series of small movements using low frequency and long stroke vibrations. The momentum of the flow of materials is powered by counter-rotating motors.

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1.Easily cleaned with no moving parts.
2.With fewer moving parts, vibrating conveyors have easy-to-clean surfaces and require less maintenance than other types of mechanical conveyors.
3.Energy-efficient, low-horsepower requirements.
4.Unlike slope models, vibrating conveyors don’t require a ton of horsepower to move materials. Less horsepower leads to energy efficiency and lower operational costs.
5.Extremely quiet operation.
6.An added benefit of the low horsepower requirements is a quiet overall operation, often registering between 60 and 75 A-weighted decibels (dBA).
7.Heavy-duty, maintenance-free design.
8.The heavy-duty design allows for a continuous operation, protecting against leaks and spillage that can lead to maintenance and downtime.

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Vibrating conveyors have proven to be highly effective in numerous industries due to the number of processes that can be accomplished through movement.
Vibrating conveyors can be mounted on isolation spring support bases or suspended by overhead cables. This component is suitable for use on fragile, agglomerated, and instantized powders or sanitary applications that require frequent cleaning with low maintenance operation.
Xinxiang Dayong offers vibrating conveyors for a wide range of operations. Some of the industries that most benefits from vibrating conveyors are:
-Food ingredients, milk powder
-Chemical, polypropylene

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Technical Data

Model Tube diameter Power Angle Conveying distance
D250 250mm 2*0.75kw 0-5 3-7m
D273 273mm 2*1.1kw 0-5 3-7m
D350 350mm 2*1.1kw 0-5 3-7m

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