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The secret of long service life of vibrating screen


An old customer called and said that he needed vibrating screen accessories. After checking the customer, the vibrating screen was still operating normally. There are still many such old customers.vibrating screens are used for a long time, and maintenance and maintenance are definitely indispensable. So how to maintain and maintain it?
1. Necessary electrical protection devices. During the use of the vibrating screen, voltage instability such as high and low voltage will occur. The installation of electrical protection devices can well protect the ultrasonic vibrating screen.
2. Try to avoid long-term overload operation. Don’t think that the mechanical equipment will not be tired after long-term operation. Long-term operation will also cause serious damage to the ultrasonic vibrating screen.
3. Regularly check the various parts of the vibrating screen, such as whether it is necessary to add grease, whether the screen needs to be replaced, whether the screws of each part are fastened, whether there is abnormal noise in each part such as the vibration motor, whether the direction of rotation meets the requirements, whether it is damp, each Whether the line is short-circuited, etc.,
4. All parts of the vibrating screen need to be cleaned regularly. The residual materials on the screen should be cleaned in time to avoid the generation of moisture to block the screen. The dust on the vibrating motor should be cleaned in time to ensure the normal heat dissipation of the motor. The circuit should be checked in time to see if there is any Aging phenomenon and so on.

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