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The Role of Vibrating Screen Soft Connection


The main function is twofold:
1. It plays the role of gathering materials, especially in the powder screening process, which can well solve the problems of flying, scattering and other environmental pollution and wasting materials that are prone to powder in the feeding and discharging process;
2. It plays the role of cushioning and shock absorption. The soft connection of the colloidal vibrating screen between the equipment can effectively slow down the wear and noise of the vibrating screen when it comes in contact with other equipment under high-frequency vibration.

Advantages and features:
1, the soft connection can provide a larger axial, angular and lateral displacement in a smaller size range, especially the corrugated soft connection;
2. It can simplify the design, avoid the design and installation of complicated pipelines, and is easy to disassemble, saving a lot of materials and labor;
3. It has obvious noise reduction and shock absorption function, especially the silicone material J has abrasion resistance, which can effectively reduce the noise and vibration generated by the vibrating screen system;
4. It has good high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance, so that it can avoid the flying and scattering of powder materials during the feeding and discharging process, and at the same time, it will not pollute the materials.

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