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The Relationship Between Stone Production Line And Vibrating Screen


What is the relationship between the stone production line and the vibrating screen? Most people do not associate stones with vibrating screens. In fact, the connection between them is still very close.
First of all, let’s understand the equipment and process of the stone production line: Simple stone production line process: large stone → vibrating feeder → jaw crusher → belt conveyor → impact crusher (optional) → belt conveyor → sand making Machine → belt conveyor → circular vibrating screen → belt conveyor → finished product bin.
Generally include:

Large stone crushing equipment: jaw crusher, impact crusher, etc.
Stone shaping and fine crushing equipment: third-generation sand making machine, impact sand making machine, cone crusher, pair-roll sand making machine, etc.
Stone screening and conveying equipment: vibrating feeder, belt conveyor, circular vibrating screen, etc.

First of all, the stone production line must have a certain scale and discharge granularity. The common scales of the stone production line are: 50 tons per hour stone production line, 100 tons per hour stone production line, 200 tons per hour stone production line and larger scale stone production line . The output particle size of the stone production line is different and can be adjusted according to the user’s requirements. Generally, the output is screened into three or four particle size levels: 20mm-30mm, 10mm-20mm, 5mm-10mm, fine sand below 5mm, etc.

The process flow of the stone production line (different processes are required): the large stones enter the vibrating feeder first, and then the vibrating feeder evenly feeds the stones to the jaw crusher. After the jaw crusher is first broken, it passes through the belt The conveyor is transported to the impact crusher or directly to the sand making machine. If it is transported to the impact crusher, it will be crushed by the impact crusher first, and then transported to the circular vibrating screen for screening. After screening, part of the finished stone ( Transported to the finished product silo), some of the stones that need to be processed can be returned to the impact crusher through a belt conveyor or directly transported to the sand making machine for sand making. The stones are finely crushed and transported to the circular vibrating screen. After sieving, it is transported to different finished product silos according to different particle sizes.

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