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The Reasons of The Linear Vibrating Screen Block The Screen


The blocking phenomenon of linear vibrating screen is an important problem that various screening equipment manufacturers are committed to researching and solving. During the screening process, the blocking of the screen not only seriously affects the screening effect and efficiency, but also wears the screen to a large extent and reduces the screen. The service life of this product will not only cause inconvenience to users, but also increase unnecessary costs. If you want to solve the blockage of the direct-discharge vibrating screen, you must first know what are the reasons for the blockage of the vibrating screen?

Based on years of experience in vibrating screen production and manufacturing, there are two main reasons for the blockage of the screen, one is the various characteristics of the material itself, and the other is the structure of the vibrating screen.
After analysis, it is found that the reason for the blockage of the straight-line vibrating screen is mainly due to the large amount of fine-grained materials in the screened materials. The size of these fine particles is relatively close to the size of the screen hole, and it is easy to get stuck on the screen hole and cause blockage; The material is also relatively moist, and the wet fine particles will stick to each other and adhere to the screen surface, making the screening process difficult to complete. It is more difficult to change the properties of materials, so the solution to the clogging problem should mainly start with the structure of the vibrating screen and the structure of the screen.

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