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The Reason for The Motor Base of The linear vibrating screen cracked


Linear vibrating screen is one of the common vibrating screening equipment. This series has a variety of models for users to choose according to their own conditions. They can smoothly complete the chemical, food, plastic, pharmaceutical, metallurgical, glass, building materials, food, fertilizer, Screening of dry powder or granular materials in abrasives, ceramics and other industries.

Linear vibrating screens usually use two vibration motors installed at the bottom of the screen machine as the vibration source. According to customer requirements, two vibration motors are installed on both sides of the screen machine. Because the vibration motor is installed on the screen box of the screen machine, the linear When the screen is working, the vibrating motor is constantly vibrating, and sometimes there will be a failure of the vibration motor base cracking, which seriously affects the normal production schedule. So what causes the vibration motor base to crack?

1.The linear vibrating screen (vibrating screen) has strict requirements for the installation position of the vibrating motor, which must be designed in accordance with the vibration mechanics specification. If the location is not installed properly, it will cause the motor base to crack;
2.When the equipment leaves the factory, the welding process, especially the welding process of the vibration motor base, will also cause the motor base to crack.
3.When the equipment leaves the factory, the welding process, especially the welding process of the vibration motor base, will also cause the motor base to crack.
4.In order to meet customer requirements and reduce costs, some manufacturers will choose a vibration motor with a larger model power to install on a non-matching linear screening machine. This will cause the motor power to exceed the normal load of the screen, which will also cause The motor base is cracked.

From the above four common reasons for the cracking of the vibration motor base of the linear vibrating screen, it can be seen that it is basically caused by the vibrating screen manufacturer’s failure to meet the specifications during the design or deliberately cutting corners in order to reduce the production cost, so the linear vibrating screen users are buying When it comes to equipment, you should pay attention to distinguish whether it is a regular vibrating screening equipment manufacturer. You cannot just look at the price and ignore the quality. If the quality is not guaranteed, it may cause unnecessary economic losses.

The linear vibrating screen designed and produced by Dayong Company is produced in strict accordance with the design requirements and production process of the linear screen. It strives for excellence in material selection and technology to ensure quality while reducing profits as much as possible to strive for a greater market occupancy rate. Users can rest assured to buy.

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