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The powder with strong adsorption is suitable for the vibrating screen


There are many types of powders. The fluidity, water content, and specific gravity of powders with different characteristics will affect the screening effect of the vibrating screen. Some powders not only contain the above characteristics, but are also easy to adsorb, which is commonly known as wall hanging. This kind of powder will not only block the holes of the screen during screening, but also stick to the inner wall of the vibrating screen, which has a large negative impact on the screening process in production. Which kind of vibrating screen is more suitable for this kind of powder material?
The screening output of this kind of powder is not high, and the linear vibrating screen can only be used for rough screening. Although the circular rotary vibrating screen is more convenient to use, but for long-term screening, the material with strong adsorption will block the mesh, so it is recommended It is better to use a designed ultrasonic vibrating screen.
1. Ultrasonic vibrating screen has a high frame rate, and the number of vibrations per minute can reach tens of thousands. The high-frequency and low-amplitude vibration is suitable for powder screening, and the dust is less, and the high frame frequency through the screen It can quickly penetrate the powder with strong adsorption through the sieve. However, it is difficult for other vibrating screens to achieve this effect.
2. Of course, to solve the sieving of the strong adsorption powder, some changes need to be made in the processing of the vibrating screen equipment. During the processing of the screen body, the inner and outer surfaces need to be polished to make the inner shell of the vibrating screen smooth. Fundamentally, it can also reduce the adsorption of powder in the vibrating screen.
3. After each screening shift ends, the vibrating screen also needs to be cleaned, which can better reduce the accumulation of powder.

From the above aspects, the ultrasonic vibrating screen is a sieving equipment for sieving the powder with strong adsorption.

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