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The Main Components Of The Vibrating Screen


The main components of the vibrating screen include: screen mesh, vibration isolation spring, bolts of various parts, parts joints and welds. We should pay attention to the following issues when using it.
1. Check whether the vibration isolation spring is scratched or broken. If so, please replace it in time.
2. Check whether the screen is loose, broken or broken. If any of the above situations occurs, please re-expand or replace parts in time.
3. Check whether the bolts and anchor bolts of each component are loose or damaged, and tighten or replace them in time.
4. Check whether there are cracks and breaks in the joints between the parts and the welds. If it happens, it must be re-soldered. In severe cases, the sieve needs to be replaced to ensure safe production.
Regular inspection and replacement of damaged parts usually ensure the normal operation of the equipment and ensure safe operation.

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