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The Importance Of Plane Rotary Screen In The Production Of Quartz Sand


The plane rotary screen is a kind of equipment with high screening output and high precision, which is used in various industries, such as feed industry and chemical industry. As we all know, the commonly used screening equipment for quartz sand is a linear vibrating screen. However, when the screening output of quartz sand increases and the screening accuracy and yield requirements are high, it is difficult to use the linear vibrating screen to meet its screening requirements. At this time, it is recommended Customers use flat rotary screens, why?
The plane rotary screen uses ordinary motor acceleration and deceleration as the vibration source to make the material make a plane circular motion on the screen surface, and the quartz sand makes a plane circular motion on the plane rotary screen surface, and its movement track is serpentine, so the screen is increased. The effective screening area, compared with the linear vibrating screen of the same model, its screening output and screening accuracy have been greatly improved.

Of course, in addition to its working principle, the plane rotary screen also has the following advantages:
1. The vibration source of the plane rotary screen is an ordinary motor, so there is no vertical force on the screen, and the wire diameter of the screen is not damaged. Therefore, under the same conditions, the life of the screen of the plane rotary screen is longer.
2. The grid structure of the plane rotary screen includes long ribs and at least two supporting circlips adapted to the long ribs. The circlips are strip-shaped structures, and the long ribs of the grid are beam-shaped structures, and the supporting circlips are hung on the grid. On the long ribs, the screen is fixed in the screen box by hanging instead of the bolt fixing on the linear vibrating screen, so the grid structure is more convenient for screen replacement. The screen is a vulnerable part, and the convenience of changing the screen is very important to the customer’s operation.

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