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The Difference Between Large Shaftless Drum Screen And Shaft Drum Screen


The trommel is divided into two types, shaft and shaftless. What is the difference between these two trommels? What to use under what circumstances?

(1) The difference in structure: Shaft roller screen mainly includes motor, reducer, roller device, frame, sealing cover, inlet and outlet, and coupling. Shaftless drum is mainly composed of motor, reducer, drum device, frame, sealing cover, inlet and outlet, drum screen and rubber-coated wheel. In addition, shaftless drums are generally not suitable for screens. The most used are screen plates, and the thickness of the plate used for shaftless drums is much thicker than that of shafted drums, and of course the volume will be relatively larger.

(2) The principle and function are different: the roller screen with shaft is started by the motor and then connected with the roller device through the coupling through the reducer, and the roller device is driven to rotate around its through axis. When the material enters the drum device, the drum screen rotates (some have an inclination) to turn over and roll the material on the screen (generating centrifugal force), and achieve the purpose of separating or removing impurities through the screen. The shaftless drum is mainly driven by the motor to drive the rubber coating wheel to rotate, and the rubber coating wheel drives the drum device to rotate. The material will roll and rotate on the screen surface (generating centrifugal force), and achieve the purpose of material classification or impurity removal through the screen.

(3) Different materials to be processed: Generally speaking, materials that can be processed by shaft drum screens and shaftless drum screens can be processed, but for some entangled objects such as plastics, thread ends will be entangled due to their winding properties. The shaft drum cannot be screened normally on the coupling. At this time, a shaftless drum screen is used for screening. Since the shaftless drum has no coupling, the material will not be wound on the shaft, which can be solved. Screening or impurity removal of materials with winding properties.

(4) The difference in output, the shaft drum screen and the shaftless drum screen of the same model size, the penetration rate of the shaftless drum screen and the output is 120% of the shaft drum screen.

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