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The Correctly Operating Matters of Ton Bag Unpacking Machine


The ton bag unpacking machine uses a forklift or electric hoist to lift the material bag to the feeding port, press the bag, manually disassemble the bag unloading port, open the flow control valve and the attached vibration or flap device to promote the inside of the bag The material falls into the lower hopper by its own weight.

The overall structure design is compact, exquisite and beautiful, easy to operate, and low power consumption. The vibration device set at the bottom can better ensure the smooth discharge of materials and prevent the retention of materials; the dust control effect is good, and the fully enclosed type can achieve synchronous dust collection. During the bag removal, there is no dust leakage, which is effective for the staff. The role of protection, and is very outstanding in terms of environmental protection, very popular with everyone.

The correct way to operate the ton bag unpacking machine is as follows:
1. Use a forklift or electric hoist to hoist the tonnage that needs to be processed and place it in a position where it can be handled conveniently;
2. Open the mechanical valve in the entrainer and directly raise the pneumatic entrainer;
3. After the bag clamping plate is directly pressed down, after the bag mouth is pressed tightly, the dust will not leak;

4. If the material inside the ton bag is only 1/3 during operation, the control valve on the tapping device must be opened in time, and the entire surrounding material of the ton bag must be pushed to the middle position to ensure its It can be entered to ensure that there will be no residual materials in the ton bag;
5. After the whole bag of materials is unloaded, firstly, it is necessary to tighten the discharge opening, and then use the entrainer to slowly raise the pressure plate, and directly remove the big bag. The actual process of the whole operation is still relatively good. Simple and convenient.

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