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The Advantages of Dust-free Feeding Station


The dust-free feeding station is a machine without dust and other materials when it is working. The machine is kept absolutely closed during transportation, and no material leaks. When using, it can ensure that the surrounding environment of the factory is clean, and will not produce dust particles that harm the human body, and protect working environment.

The dust-free feeding station can carry out the delivery work automatically. We can put the bagged materials into the machine’s discharge device, and the machine can automatically carry out a series of subsequent delivery work. This will reduce certain labor costs. And it is more suitable for bagged materials. Materials in other forms can also be put in. For example, frozen materials, such as plastic barrels or other barreled materials can be used.

The dust-free feeding station uses vibration to transport materials, which may be different from other transportation machines. Other transportation machines may use wind to attract materials or other materials to promote the transportation, so they transport materials The liquidity is better. Some materials with poor fluidity can be transported using a dust-free feeding station. It can use jitter to screen out unsuitable materials without transporting them, so as to ensure the purity of the transported material. In addition, there are two filtering devices inside the machine, as well as some dust removal devices, which can ensure that the machine will not block the pipe due to internal dust or other impurities during operation, and can also automatically clean the machine. Internally, no labor is required to clean it.

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