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Sieve Shaker

All laboratory analysis equipment work with a vibration motor drive. This drive produces a 3D throwing motion that moves the material to be sieved equally over the whole sieving surface.
Multi-layer standard lab analysis test sieve with timer is new and precise equipment for continuously selecting / sifting/testing the powder. It uses the new type of vibrating motor as the source of vibration. It is usually equipped with Φ100mm, Φ200mm standard sieve, Φ300mm standard sieve, and Φ400mm standard sieve. We can also produce the test sieve according to the customer’s requirements.

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1. This test sieve shaker has low working noise (<50dB), high efficiency, and high precision(>95%).
2. Multi-dimensional vibration can be created, making the sieving process highly efficient.
3. The standard screen can guarantee the high precision of the analysis.
4. A timer is available for the motors of our test sieve shaker. Different sieves with different meshes can be used to screen a certain kind of materials for the same period, ensuring that data are comparable, and the data error is reduced to a low level. Thus you can access the material quality accurately with this premium shaker.

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standard sand test sieve is widely used in metallurgy, particle, chemical, healing drugs, building materials, geology, and national defense industries study and production. It is vibratory screening, filtering, and standard test sieving using in the granular structure of powder material, particle size, liquid class of the amount solid and debris content.
The standard sand test sieve is a metal weir mesh grid. It is used in panting standard sieve and standard sieve machine grading all kinds powder material particle. It is widely used in super hard material, metallurgy, and the chemical industry.

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Items Name Unit Data
1 Layers Layer 1~8
2 Shaker Diameter Mm Φ200 Φ300 Φ400
3 Sieves Diameter Mm Φ75 Φ100 Φ200 Φ300 Φ400
4 Granularity Mm 0.038-3
5 Noise DB ≤50
6 Feeding capacity (once) G ≤200g/ml
7 Amplitude Mm ≤5
8 Voltage V 220
9 Speed R/min 1420
10 Power Kw 0.125
11 Overall dimension Mm 450×415×800
12 Weight Kg 45

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