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Several Aspects to Consider When Buying A Food Vibrating Sieve Shaker


Users should pay attention to many problems when buying food vibrating screens. These problems will affect the efficiency of the equipment when in use, and the accuracy of the screening. Let’s take a look at it with the editor below.
Pay attention to the actual use of the user, what types of materials are they, and what are the physical properties of the materials to be screened, such as the composition, humidity, and shape of the materials. If the humidity of the material is relatively high, the screening effect will be poor. The point can be improved, just adjust the size of the sieve hole, if the material content is relatively large, the screening productivity is also high.

The food vibrating screen is a vertical movement of the material and the screen surface. The screening efficiency is very high and the production volume is large. The relative movement of the particles and the screen surface is mainly a bar screen that moves in parallel. For some materials, the productivity of the screening machine is The screening efficiency determines the size of the screen hole, and the productivity depends on the width of the screen surface. The wider the screen surface, the higher the output; the screening efficiency depends on the length of the screen surface.

The vibrating screen can not be overloaded, so that not only the operating efficiency is very low, but also the equipment is greatly damaged. The feeding must be uniform, and the angle of the screening machine can be adjusted. Within the rated range, increasing the vibration can improve the screening efficiency.

When purchasing a food vibrating screen, the user should focus on the above aspects. After understanding the factors that affect the screening, you can buy the appropriate equipment at the time of purchase. Our company produces various vibrating screens. If you have this Kind of needs, please feel free to inquire at any time and serve you wholeheartedly.

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