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Screw Conveyor

Screw conveyor machine is a new type of transporting equipment, which uses a rotary screw vane to push material continuously in a closed housing with a round section.
It is applicable to transport various kinds of loose material such as powder, granular and small piece material, for example, clay powder, pulverized coal, cement, sand, grain, a small piece of coal, cobble, and cast iron filings, etc. It is not applicable to transport material with high viscosity, easy to be curdled.

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1.Without cleaning device at the outlet, low noise, flexible arrangement on the position of inlet and outlet.
2.Good sealing, the shell is made in a seamless steel tube. The ends are connected by the flange.
3.Working temperature is -20~50°C, with material temperature below 200°C.
4.Good sealing quality and rigidity. The outer casing is made of seamless steel pipes, and the end caps are connected with flanges.
5.Inlet trough with progressive solid-flight screw for uniform storage bin discharge.
6.The vessel is made of high-quality seamless pipes which are connected by flange, therefore its overall rigidity is good and bearing capacity is large.
7.When the transmission distance is no more than 30m, a plated chain can be used for traction pieces; When the distance is more than 30m, it is necessary to use the plate chain to the tractor.
8.This machine is a safe and reliable product, having a good air-proof performance and no leaking-out of powdery dust, and can be considered as an ideal product of the new generation for environmental protection.

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Screw conveyor is widely used in various industries, such as building materials, chemical industry, electric power, metallurgy, coal, grain, etc.
It is suitable for conveying powder, granulated and small lump materials, such as coal, ash, slag, cement, food, etc., not suitable for transporting perishable, big viscosity, easily agglomerate or high temperature, and larger corrosive materials.
Small cross-section size, good sealing performance, stable operation, and reliability, can be loading and unloading from multiple points of screw middle body, simple operation, easy to maintain, etc.

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Model LSY 100 LSY 120 LSY 140 LSY 160 LSY 200 LSY 250 LSY 300 LSY 400
Diameter of screw (mm) 90 115 135 163 185 237 285 362
Speed of main axis (r/min) 300 300 300 308 260 200 170 170
Diameter of main case(mm) 108 133 159 194 219 273 325 402
Max capacity (t/h) 7 10 15 25 40 60 90 120
Max conveying length (m) 8 10 12 15 18 25 25 25
Working angle (degree) 0~60 0~60 0~60 0~60 0~60 0~60 0~60 0~60
Motor model Length≤7M Y90S-4 Y100L1-4 Y100L2-4 Y132S-4 Y132M-4 Y160L-6 Y180M-4 Y180M-4
Power (kW) 1.1 2.2 3 5.5 7.5 11 18.5 18.5
model Length≥7M Y100L1-4 Y100L2-4 Y112M-4 Y132M-4 Y160M-4 Y180L-6 Y180L-4 Y180L-4
Power ( kW) 2.2 3 4 7.5 11 15 22 22

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