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Screening Process of Vibrating Screening Machine Filled With Nitrogen To Protect Materials


The structural design of the vibrating screen in the raw material screening process is directly related to the screening effect of the raw materials. Some raw materials have special physical properties. Other aeration protection must be carried out during the screening process to avoid the oxidation of the raw materials and oxygen. Therefore, the screening machine How to design and produce to achieve the airtightness of the machine body is a key issue. Here, our Fast Vibrating Screen Technology Department will explain in detail the airtightness of the vibrating screen, structural design, and the selection of accessories such as motors.
Some of the powder raw materials have very special physical characteristics, such as easy oxidation, explosiveness, etc., which have a great impact on production safety. On this basis, it is necessary to ensure the safety of equipment and personnel in the vibrating screen screening process. Protection measures, such as inflating protection during the screening process, flushing inert gas to isolate oxygen from the outside of the body, at this time, the vibrating screen is required to have high air tightness to prevent gas leakage. We know that a rotary vibrating screen is usually used for sieving powder, while the ordinary rotary vibrating screen model uses a beam ring to fasten the upper and lower frames, but with the high frequency vibration generated by the body, the beam ring bolts will inevitably appear Looseness requires regular inspection and tightening, so this type of powder sieving machine can hardly meet the technical requirements for air tightness. In addition, it is impossible to completely seal the body if the screen is replaced after it is damaged, which puts higher requirements on the body structure design of the equipment.
Take the ordinary rotary vibrating screen as an example. The thickness of the body plate is generally less than 2mm. When the protective gas is filled, the influence of the air pressure on the body must be considered. If the air pressure is too large, the screen frame and the top cover will bulge, which will cause the screen frame and upper cover to bulge. There is a gap between the covers, which affects the air tightness of the whole machine, and air leakage occurs. Therefore, when designing this type of powder sieving machine, first consider the air pressure range when the protective gas is filled. The other is the structural design of the airtightness of the machine body. The rotary vibrating screen adopts the independent production method of the upper cover and the screen frame. There will be gaps after assembly. This is limited by factors such as production technology and processing accuracy. For the type of inflatable protection, the powder sieving machine needs to adopt an integrated structure design. For example, the upper cover is integrally pressed to form, which can effectively ensure the air tightness of the body, and at the same time, the integrally formed body has a beautiful appearance, but the cost is generally higher.
The other is the locking method of the vibrating screen body. The locking method of the rotary vibrating screen adopts a ring locking structure. In the case of inflatable protection, the airtightness of the body is far from being able to meet the user’s requirements, because the screen frame is not integrally formed. It uses a beam ring compression method. As the equipment runs, there will be gaps in the screen frame, resulting in insufficient air-tightness of the body. Therefore, how to design the locking method relates to whether the air-tightness of the vibrating screen is qualified, so in order to ensure the air-tightness of the equipment Usually, the overall compression frame method is used to completely press the upper cover, the screen frame and the bottom plate together, which can effectively improve the sealing performance of the screen machine. From the perspective of humanized design, full consideration can be given to the use of quick-opening wrenches to facilitate screen replacement, and to check the integrity of the sealing skin during subsequent maintenance. The latter is the selection of the motor. Generally, the vibrating screen used for powder screening uses an ordinary vertical vibrating motor. However, for the screening of such flammable and explosive materials, in order to ensure the safety of production, it is necessary to consider the explosion-proof form vibration motor.

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