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Rotary vibrating screen for feed

Feed vibrating sieving machine, one is used to clean the impurities in the feed raw materials; the other is used to classify the feed raw materials according to the particle size, including the classification of feed crushing materials, the cleaning of raw materials impurities, and the cleaning of powder impurities before pelleting , The classification of treatment products is an important practical application of linear screens in the feed industry.

The screening technology used in the feed industry is currently mechanical screening, and the main working part of the screening equipment is the screen surface. At present, the punching plate screen and the weaving screen are mainly used. The screening effect in the processing process The quality of feed products has a very important impact on the quality and output of feed products.

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Feed sieving machine and feed vibrating screen belong to the linear vibrating screen. Its structure, working principle and material points are as follows:

  1. Mechanism: DZSF linear vibrating screen is composed of a vibrating motor, a screen box, a screen mesh, a vibration transmission body, and a shock absorption device.
  2. Working principle: When the two vibration motors installed on the screen body rotate relative to each other, the eccentric blocks at both ends of the two vibration motors will generate rated excitation force, and the horizontal excitation forces will cancel each other, and the longitudinal excitation The force is transmitted to the entire screen surface through the vibration transmission body, so that the materials on the screen surface will jump towards the discharge port on the screen surface by the exciting force. The materials larger than the screen hole flow out of the discharge port, and the material smaller than the screen surface will flow out of the discharge port. The sieve material falls to the lower layer through the sieve holes, and flows out through the discharge port after continuous jumping. Due to the reasonable screening process, the materials can be classified by the vibrating screen to obtain concentrated materials of different particle sizes to complete the classification of the materials.
  3. Features of linear vibrating screen:
  4. Small size, light weight, simple structure and low cost.
  5. Low noise, low energy consumption, high efficiency and low cost.
  6. High screening accuracy, good sealing, no dust pollution and liquid spillage, which is conducive to environmental protection.
  7. A variety of screens can be replaced with long service life.


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