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  • Screen Mesh

    Features 1.Coarse wire diameter, durable, and wear-resistance. 2.Different mesh sizes can be selected as the…

  • Screen Grid

    Features 1.Many sizes can be selected for meeting different machine sizes requirement. 2.Simple operation, convenient…

  • Screen Frame

    Features One-time bending forming, stable and durable, and adopts internal & external polishing, no dead…

  • Bouncing Balls

    Application Bounce ball is widely used in a rotary vibrating sieve and linear vibration screen….

  • Sealing Gasket

    Application The gasket is mainly used for wrapping the frame of the rotary vibration screen,…

  • Ulltrasonic System

    Application Applicable machine: Rotary vibrating screen, test sieve, tumbler screen Application material: Fine powder, micron…

  • Sieves

    Parameters Production Name Sieves for lab sieve Material 304 Stainless Steel, brass Screen Wire screen,…

  • Spring

    Parameters Model Diameter of Inner Circle Free Total Height Diameter of Steel Wire Φ70x150xΦ8 70…

  • Vibration Motor

    Features 1. lightweight and small size. 2. low noise. 3. fully enclosed structure, can work…

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