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Precautions For The Use Of Stone Grading Linear Screen


When many manufacturers use stone grading linear screens, the improper use of the manufacturer has caused the machine to be damaged and unable to operate normally or other accidents. How to avoid such incidents?
(1) The stone grading linear screen should be placed horizontally and must be fastened and fixed.
(2) Check whether the screen is damaged or the tension is not enough. If it is damaged, replace it with a new screen immediately. If the tension is not enough, reinstall the screen to avoid the inability to screen the material or the insufficient fineness of the material.

(3) Check whether the parts of the stone grading linear vibrating screen are normal and whether the screws are tightened, and ensure that there is no looseness in the parts of each part, and ensure that the machine is used normally to avoid accidents.
(4) Ensure that the distance between the stone grading linear vibrating screen and the surrounding fixed objects is 30-50mm, and there should be no sundries in the middle to prevent machine damage and accidents caused by collision.

(5) When using the stone grading linear screen for the first time, the transportation support frame must be removed before opening the stone grading linear vibrating screen, otherwise it will affect the vibration work of the vibrating screen and cause machine damage and personal injury (many manufacturers will encounter this situation, so be sure to Pay special attention to this detail)
(6) Be sure to test the machine first, and then use it normally after confirming that it can be used.

(7) The linear sieve for stone grading should check whether the machine screws are loose at regular intervals, and if there are any abnormalities in other parts, repair them immediately.
(8) The machine must be fed evenly when using the machine, and the machine must be turned on before feeding to prevent the screen from being blocked and damaged. When hanging up, stop feeding and wait for all materials to come out before shutting down.

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