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Plane Gyratory Screen

The unique gyratory motion imparts a combination of actions to the material as it passes along the screen surface. It begins with a horizontal circular motion at the feed end, gradually diminishing along the length of the machine to an elliptical path, and finally to an approximate straight-line motion at the discharge end. There is no vertical component to this motion thus keeping the material in constant contact with the screen surface.
The gyratory motion at the feed end of the machine immediately spreads the material across the full width of the screen surface to maximize screen utilization even though the feed is from a single point. At the same time, this motion stratifies the material, causing the fines to sink against the screen surface. The particles that are appreciably smaller than the openings quickly pass through at the part of the screen. As the circular motion diminishes into an elliptical path, the gentle near-horizontal motion causes the fine particles closer in size to the screen mesh the near-size particles to fall through the mesh openings. The nearly linear reciprocating motion at the discharge end of the gyratory screener removes those particles closest in size to the mesh openings while gently conveying the oversize material off the screen.

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1. Efficient machine: This machine combines the circular, elliptical, and reciprocating linear movement, and is installed with a surface cleaning device, so this machine can reach high production, high efficiency, and low consumption.
2. Silent machine: Adopt special balance mode(provided by an eccentric hammer), the inertial force from all directions was balanced perfectly when screening, a little shake, low noise, smooth operation.
3. Sealed machine: The main components adopt mechanical bending, riveting, welding, well-sealing performance.
4. Transmission: Adopt belt to drive, smooth transmission, stable and reliable, low noise, easy to install and maintain.
5. Beautiful machine: Compact structure, neat and beautiful appearance.

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1. Mainly used for screening, filtering, grading, and removing impurity for all kinds of powder, particle, and liquid.
2. Mainly suitable materials: chemical, medical powder, and particle, coating, pigment, cosmetic, grease, resin, ceramic sauce, slurry, quicklime, fireproofing powder, metallurgy powder, starch, flour, rice flour, carbon powder, graphite powder, manganese powder, sewage, waste oil, dung, etc.

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This machine is a customizable machine, which could be designed and manufactured according to clients’ specialized production line requirements.

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Technical Data

Model Screen Surface


Feeding Size






Motor Model Power


PXZS1224 1200×2400 <15 75-90 1450 Y132S-4 3-5.5 1-3
PXZS1230 1200×3000 <15 75-90 1450
PXZS1236 1200×3600 <15 75-90 1450
PXZS1524 1500×2400 <15 75-90 1450
PXZS1530 1500×3000 <15 75-90 1450
PXZS1536 1500×3600 <15 75-90 1450
PXZS1830 1800×3000 <20 75-90 750 Y160L-8 5.5-7.5
PXZS1836 1800×3600 <20 75-90 750
PXZS1840 1800×4000 <20 75-90 750
PXZS2036 2000×3600 <20 75-90 750
PXZS2040 2000×4000 <20 75-90 750


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