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Pharmaceutical Vibrating Screening Machine


The pharmaceutical vibrating sieving machine is a screening equipment mainly used to process pharmaceutical powder or granular materials. It can divide the pharmaceutical powder materials into a variety of materials of different specifications or remove impurities in the materials.
The commonly used material of pharmaceutical powder vibrating screen is 316L or 304, and the types are divided into circular rotary vibrating screen equipment and square linear screen equipment.

Circular rotary vibrating sieve medical vibrating sieving machine: This equipment generally processes powdered medical powder, with a mesh size of 80 mesh or more, and finer powder materials. Generally, a vertical vibrating motor is installed vertically under the bottom frame of the vibrating screen. The screen surface is subjected to the force of the vibrating motor to continuously make a vortex motion. Due to the force of the bouncing ball under the screen surface, the material smaller than the screen mesh will not be blocked when passing through the screen mesh.

Square linear medical vibrating sieving machine: This type of sieving machine generally processes granular pharmaceutical raw materials, and the mesh is generally 0-80 mesh granular materials. The main reason is that the power source of the equipment is two reverse horizontal machines with the same excitation force. The vertical vibration motors act at the same time, so the longitudinal excitation forces cancel each other, and the horizontal excitation forces are superimposed on each other, plus the gravity of the material itself, in the direction of the resultant force, which is the horizontal direction of the linear screen surface, the material does Straight jump forward movement. Therefore, the length of the linear medical vibrating screen directly determines the sieving accuracy of pharmaceutical granular raw materials, while the width determines the processing capacity of the material.

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