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Mine Vibrating Screen


Working principle of mine vibrating screen:
The screen box relies on two identical vibration motors to do self-synchronous rotation in opposite directions to make the entire screen supported on the shock absorber vibrate linearly. After the material falls into the screen box from the feed end, it moves forward, loosely, and through the screen quickly. Complete the screening operation. This machine is composed of a screen box, a vibration motor, a vibration reduction system and a chassis. The screen box is composed of a screen frame, a screen plate, and a lining board.

The vibration motor adopts the high-performance, long-life TZDC series vibration motor as the excitation source. Adjusting the size of the vibration motor’s excitation force can change the vibration amplitude of the screen machine.
The damping system is composed of rubber springs, clamps, and supporting seats. The bottom frame is composed of a silo and a chassis.
The installation method of vibration motor for mine vibrating screen can be divided into upper vibration type and lower vibration type, and the installation method of shock absorber can be divided into seat type or hanging type. It can also be designed and manufactured according to user needs. Mainly used in metallurgy, mining, coal, building materials, electric power, chemical industries and other industries, especially in the metallurgical industry has a wide range of uses. It is a commonly used screening machine for blast furnace troughs, coking plants, and concentrators.

The vibrating screen is a relatively sophisticated equipment, so you must be extra careful during transportation, otherwise it is easy to cause damage to the machine, and the gain will not be worth the loss. Because product equipment involves long-term production output and quality issues in the future, many manufacturers are very careful in the process of purchasing crushing equipment such as vibrating screens. On-site visits, inspections, and debugging are all done by themselves. Such carefulness still cannot prevent the abnormal operation of some vibrating screens after being shipped back to the factory. Why? In fact, most of the cases occurred during transportation.

The vibrating screen will be constantly bumped and bumped during transportation, but the vibrating screen body and the support frame are connected by a vibrating spring, so protective measures have been taken to prevent the vibrating screen from malfunctioning during transportation.

The first step taken before the vibrating screen is transported to the destination is to remove the transportation support. In order to prevent the screen body from swinging and bumping against the carriage during transportation, the linear vibrating screen will be on the base of the linear vibrating screen before leaving the factory. A transportation support frame is installed between the box and the box to fix the screen machine to prevent collisions. The linear screen needs to be removed before being put into use. It is easy to turn on the vibrating screen directly without removing the transportation support frame. Body injury.

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