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Measures to avoid rust of carbon steel vibrating sieve


Carbon steel vibrating sieve is also a screening equipment using Q235 material. Because the price of this type of vibrating sieve is relatively low, the application industry is also more extensive, but due to its material problems, oxidation and rust problems will also occur and the application life will be. So what measures can be taken to avoid the rust problem of carbon steel vibrating sieve?
1. Paint spray treatment: Paint spray treatment is a common way to prevent rusting of carbon steel vibrating screens. This method is to polish the rust on the surface of the equipment after the equipment is assembled, and then spray a layer of protective liquid evenly on the surface. Don’t underestimate this thin layer of protection, which can effectively isolate oxygen and water vapor. The direct contact of the material plays a role in preventing corrosion. The last step is to spray paint on the surface of the equipment. This step is to add another layer for protection, and for the beauty of the equipment on the other hand;

2. Sandblasting: Compared with the simplicity of paint spraying, sandblasting requires a special sandblasting room and sandblasting device. When sandblasting, it is also necessary to polish the surface of the equipment to clear the rust on the surface of the equipment, then apply a layer of protective liquid, and then push the complete equipment into the blasting room for omnidirectional sandblasting. Such a sandblasting vibrating screen not only has an exquisite appearance, but also has a better improvement effect on the service life of the equipment.

Although painting and sandblasting can prevent rust, the price is different. When purchasing, please choose a reasonable choice according to production needs.

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