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Long Columnar Activated Carbon Vibrating Screen for Removing Impurities


Activated carbon is made of high-quality wood chips, coconut shell, etc., which are crushed, mixed, extruded, formed, dried, carbonized, and activated. Compared with traditional coal-based columnar carbon, the columnar activated carbon has lower ash content, less impurities, and CTC accounts for absolute Advantage. However, some impurities may be mixed during production. Therefore, vibrating screen equipment is required to screen out the impurities in the activated carbon. Activated carbon materials come in many shapes, such as powder, granules, long bars, and irregularities. Particles, etc., the shape of activated carbon materials also directly affect the screening effect of the vibrating screen equipment.

Material name: long strip of activated carbon
Material shape: diameter of 6mm, length of 4-12mm
Material proportion: 0.45g-0.65g
Ideal processing capacity: 2.5 cubic meters per hour
Screening purpose: to sieve out some fine powder mixed in activated carbon, which accounts for about 10%

In view of the analysis of the above situation, the engineers of Xinxiang University recommended the DZSF1025-1S linear vibrating screen for the customer. The screen uses a 4mm woven mesh. The finished product is directly discharged from the upper discharge port, and the fine powder for impurity removal is directly discharged from the bottom through the mesh. The material port is discharged.

The main features of the linear vibrating screen are high screening accuracy, large output, and low cost. Taking into account that the processed materials are activated carbon, which is generally a relatively expensive item, so in the process of designing the vibrating screen, 304 stainless steel is used for the part in contact with the activated carbon to prevent the activated carbon from being contaminated twice during the screening and removal of impurities. It can also extend the service life of the vibrating screen. At the same time, a dust cover will be added above the screen frame to prevent dust from spreading out and causing environmental pollution.
Different activated carbon and different materials require different vibrating screens. For more information, please contact us.

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