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Light Calcium Carbonate Air Flow Sieving Machine


The density of light calcium carbonate is relatively light, and most of the screening equipment used is air sieve. Let me introduce the application of light calcium carbonate in air sieve.
Light calcium carbonate needs to be screened differently in different industries. For example: used for various feed additives, it needs less than 200 mesh; used for plastic factory, rubber factory, waterproof material factory and paint factory raw material and internal and external wall painting, it needs 250-300 mesh; used to make gussets and drain pipes , The chemical industry needs 350-400 mesh; for toothpaste, soap, 400-600 mesh is needed; and so on in different industries. The screen of the air flow screen is cylindrical and is placed in the air flow screen body. The screened materials are mixed with the air flow through the screw conveying system, and then enter the mesh cylinder after atomization. When the materials pass through the wind turbine blades in the mesh cylinder, they are subjected to centrifugal force and Cyclone advances, so that the material can be sprayed through the net, and finally discharged from the fine material discharge port, while the material that cannot pass through the net is discharged from the coarse material discharge port along the wall of the net cylinder.

The air flow screening machine has the following characteristics:
1. Reliable quality, can run continuously for a long time;
2. The output is large, which can be increased by 5-10 times or even higher than the ordinary vibrating screen;
3. The structure is closed, no dust spills, and no environmental pollution;
4. The screening and classification standards are accurate, there is no over-diameter mixing phenomenon, and the residue on the sieve is 0 (normal vibrating screen is difficult to achieve);
5. Low noise and low power consumption;
6. The screening efficiency is high, and the screen penetration rate can reach 85-95%;
7. It can be used in a wide range of fineness, and can screen and classify powdery materials with 80-500 mesh (ordinary vibrating screens are difficult to screen and classify powdery materials with more than 200 meshes);
8. The screen of the air-flow screening machine adopts a unique design and is installed vertically, which will not bear the load of heavy objects. This determines its longer service life. When the screen is severely worn and needs to be replaced, it only takes three minutes It can be completely done.

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