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How to solve the phenomenon of inaccurate screening and fine mixing of linear vibrating sieve


The linear vibrating sieve is one of the most widely used screening equipment, but the linear vibrating screen still has the phenomenon of not screening finely mixed materials. How to find the cause and solve the problem, the following editor will tell you:

Reasons for poor screening:
1. The sieve of the screen is blocked (anti-clogging device should be added)
2. The moisture of the material thrown into the vibrating screen is too large (the viscosity is large, and it should be put into the vibrating screen after proper drying)
3. Uneven feeding on the vibrating screen surface (add material divider)
4. The material layer on the vibrating screen is too thick (add material diverter to control the feeding amount)
5. The screen frame is not stretched forward.
1. It is often necessary to reduce the load of the light vibrating screen and clean the vibrating screen
2. Change the inclination of the screen box
3. Adjust the feeding amount of the vibrating screen
4. Tighten the screen and draw the drive belt closer.
5. When nailing the screen frame of the vibrating screen, the bead shall be extended forward by 2 cm, and the suspended nail of the screen shall be nailed under the extended bead to prevent mixing of materials.

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