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How To Sieve Materials With Static Electricity By Using Rotary Vibration Screen


1.Simplest way: Install a grounding wire on the screen frame.
As we all know, the reason producing static electricity is the friction of materials and the screen frame and screen, so on the screen frame to install a grounding wire, its aim is for introduce static electricity in the screen frame into the ground, which can easily solve the problem of blocking screen mesh due to the static electricity.

2.Using stainless steel 304 / 316L mirror surface plate.
Due to this friction of materials and screen frame and screen producing static electricity, so using this mirror surface plate can effectively solve this static electricity problem due to friction.

3.Best effect: Install a set of ultrasonic system device.
Ultrasonic system is a ultrasonic wave with high frequency low amplitude, after opening ultrasonic system, due to producing a ultrasonic wave with high frequency and low amplitude on the screen surface, making materials keep in a suspended state, not contacting with screen surface, thus no producing static electricity.

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