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How To Prevent Dust Explosion From Flour Vibrating Screen Shake


When using a flour shaker, safety is a problem that everyone pays more attention to. Dust explosions may occur when the equipment is in use. Do you know the reasons for this phenomenon and how to prevent it?
Dust explosion refers to dust within a certain explosion range, when it encounters a heat source, open flame or temperature, the flame instantly spreads across the entire mixed dust space, the chemical reaction is very fast, and a large amount of heat is released at the same time, resulting in a very high temperature And a lot of pressure, the energy of the system is converted into mechanical energy and radiation of light and heat, which has a very strong destructive power. Faced with this phenomenon, how should we prevent dust explosion from flour shaker?

The flour vibrating sieve has a small volume, a large output, and a high screening accuracy. The fully-sealed design makes it impossible for dust to splash. The equipment adopts explosion-proof fully sealed motor, and does not produce heat and open flames to ensure production safety.

The closed design prevents the flour powder from flying out of the sieve machine, making the production environment clean and hygienic and ensuring safety during production. The use of rubber springs in the flour vibrating sieve can effectively avoid the heat generated by the springs during the operation of the sieve machine and cause dust explosions.

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