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How To Deal With The Noise Problem of Vibration Motor


Under normal circumstances, many vibration devices are connected with even or multiple vibration motors when they are installed. Except for the single motor used for the rotary vibrating screen. Mine screens and linear screens are normally equipped with two motors. If you find a lot of noise during production, you can check the following three parts first to see if there is a fault: 1) Whether the roughness of the contact surface between the vibration equipment and the vibration motor foot is consistent Installation requirements; 2) Whether the anchor bolts are tightened; 3) Whether the vibration acceleration of the main engine meets the use requirements; if there is no problem in the inspection, it is worth noting whether the adjustment of the eccentric block of the vibration motor is correct. Note that the adjustment of the eccentric blocks on both sides should be consistent, to avoid the vibration of the vibration motor from side to side, which is prone to cracking of the foot. When some customers adjust the eccentric block, the included angle (or chord length) of the eccentric block at both ends is inconsistent, which will also cause the noise of the vibration motor. Furthermore, pay attention to the rotation of the two vibration motors. If both vibration motors are running in the same direction, your material will move to one side. The use of rubber springs can effectively reduce the noise of the equipment and reduce the friction between the steel spring metal and the metal during the vibration process. If you have done all of the above, please pay attention to whether the ground of your equipment is flat. If these conditions are avoided and there is still noise, then the material used in your equipment must be too saved, because the vibration motor and the equipment are integrated during the vibration process, which can also be called a vibration, but if the steel plate is thin Under the circumstance, there will be 2 resonances or irregular vibrations.

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