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How to choose a vibrating screen for titanium dioxide screening


Titanium dioxide is also called titanium dioxide. It has stable chemical properties and does not react with most substances under normal conditions. The following is the scope of application of titanium dioxide:

1. Titanium dioxide is also widely used in cosmetics. Because titanium dioxide is non-toxic and far superior to lead white, almost all kinds of fragrant powder use titanium dioxide instead of lead white and zinc white. It is widely used in the field of cosmetics and has the effect of beauty and whitening.

2. There are two types of titanium dioxide for coating: anatase type and rutile type. Anatase titanium dioxide is used for interior wall coatings because of its easy pulverization, and rutile type is often used for exterior wall coatings because of its aging resistance. Both have a stable crystal lattice and are important white pigments and porcelain glazes.

In the sieving of titanium dioxide, the common titanium dioxide is 40-325 mesh or even finer. Because the choice of titanium dioxide vibrating screen should contain many elements such as: particle size structure, specific gravity, water content, viscosity, temperature, disposal capacity, etc. Titanium dioxide vibrating screen can choose the following models:

1. Rotary vibrating screen (small output and general precision)
2. Linear screen (large output accuracy is not as good as rotary vibrating screen)
3. Ultrasonic vibrating screen (general output, high precision, mostly used for 200-500 mesh screening)

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