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How To Choose A Filter Element of Vacuum Feeder


The filter element of the vacuum feeder can be selected according to the filtration area, filtration accuracy, and materials used.

1.The size of the filtering area. The filter area must be matched with the vacuum feeder. If you are not afraid of matching, the conveying process may not be stable enough, and it is easy to block during the conveying process, causing the transmission to fail to proceed normally. Moreover, the filtering area is also related to the filtering accuracy. The greater the filtering accuracy, the larger the corresponding filtering area.
2.The level of filtration accuracy. Filtration accuracy will affect the filtering speed and efficiency of materials. Different materials should be matched with different precision filter elements. For materials with large particle size, use filters with low filtration precision. Otherwise, use filters with high filtration precision. If the two do not match, the material may directly enter the vacuum pump during transportation, causing the vacuum pump to malfunction.

3.Materials used. Materials will affect the stability of the transportation process and even the entire production process. Corrosion-resistant and high-temperature resistant materials should be selected according to different conditions; if food is to be transported, the filter used must be food-grade stainless steel.
4.Whether the filter element can be recycled, can be cleaned with water, and whether the service life is long. It is recommended to choose a filter element that can be washed with water and has a long service life.

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