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How To Arrange The Discharge Port of Linear Vibrating Screen


The linear screen is not unfamiliar to most users. You can easily purchase the technical specifications you need when purchasing. However, the layout of the linear vibrating screen’s discharge port is often neglected and shipped to the site after purchase. There will be a variety of thorny problems. Among them, the layout of the discharge port is a common problem. If there is no way, the discharge port will be removed and installed again. Today, I will explain the discharge port for everyone. What are the layout forms

(1) Multi-layer discharge port: The multi-layer linear sieving machine screens a material into a variety of materials with different particle sizes. For example, a four-layer linear sieving machine has a total of five discharge ports. The correct arrangement is on both sides There is a discharge port in the middle of the two discharge ports, and the front and back discharge ports must have a certain appropriate distance. This has the advantage that the belt conveyor or manual feeding is more convenient when discharging, and the distance is not too close to affect the feeding.
(2) Single-layer discharge port: For some special cases, the material discharge port needs to have a certain angle (forward discharge). The discharge port of this kind of linear screening machine is rare, and the material flowability is better. The material is convenient, but a small number of customers have requirements for this discharge method, so users should consider thoroughly before ordering. To
(3) Dewatering outlet: Some users use linear sieving machine for dehydration. The water outlet and the material outlet need to be arranged reasonably. The outlet is generally distributed at the bottom of the linear screen, and skirts need to be added around it. It is conducive to the left and right direction of the water pipe to discharge the water, so the user should determine the water outlet in advance when determining the purchase of the linear dewatering screen, so as to avoid unnecessary troubles.

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