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House Waste Drum Sieve


The house waste drum screening machine is mainly suitable for the broken bags, screening and sorting of urban and rural domestic garbage. It is also suitable for screening and sorting of industrial waste and construction waste.

Working principle:
The drum broken bag screening machine includes three parts: the transmission part, the barrel part and the support part.

A bag breaking device is installed in the cylinder. The square hole on the sieve plate with penetration rate of 120 ~ 170%, which greatly improves the screening efficiency and anti-blocking ability. The sieve surface is composed of a sieve plate fixed on the cylinder frame. The multi-angle sieve plate is one of the effective methods to solve the long-term blockage and entanglement of domestic garbage.

The front end of the cylinder is provided with a feeding port and a cloth opening, the tail end of the cylinder is provided with a discharge port, and the outer side of the cylinder is provided with a protective cover.

Operation and precautions:

1. The running test of garbage drum sieve before using the empty car to check whether the drum rotation direction is correct, that is, facing the drum feeding end, the rotation direction is counterclockwise, which is the correct direction. If the rotation direction is not correct, it needs to be changed before running .
2. During operation, check whether there is obvious axial and radial movement of the domestic waste drum sieve. The axial movement should be less than 5mm, and there should be no obvious abnormal sound during operation. If it exceeds the standard, it should be adjusted in time to reach the standard.
3. Check the temperature of the friction wheel and bearing seat of the waste sifter drum. If the friction wheel and bearing become hot, if the temperature exceeds 40℃, stop the vehicle and check the cause.

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